Educators and Homeschool

Education is one of the most important things in a young human’s life. Shasta Public Libraries has several resources for educators and caregivers to supplement all educational styles. Our Databases provide homework help, curriculum aids, and lesson plan resources.

Educator Databases & Resources

Book Connections

Resources to enrich your experience reading children's and young adult books. Enjoy digital content connected to books for kids and teens.
Britannica School

Encyclopædia Britannica

A comprehensive interactive resource for research and learning. Includes correlations to California Content Standards and other valuable teacher resources. Grades preK-12.


Visit Enki for over 50,000 online eBooks. These include an extensive romance collection, as well as a nice assortment of gardening, crafts, mysteries, and more. Available thanks to NorthNet Library System.

eBooks can be read online or using such viewers like Adobe Digital Editions, various pdf viewers, Bluefire Reader, and others.

Explora – Grades 6-8

Biographies, images, maps, references, encyclopedias, and the most popular magazines perfect for grades 6-8.

Explora – Grades K-5

Biographies, images, maps, references, encyclopedias, and the most popular magazines perfect for grades K-5.


Thousands of downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks with no late fees.
ProQuest culture grams

ProQuest – CultureGrams

Learn about cultures around the world, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people. Unique cultural information provided by natives and long-term residents on daily life and social customs around the world. Grades 3+

ProQuest eLibrary

Massive collection of digitized newspapers, magazines, and images with editorialized topic pages to aid with navigation. Grades 6+
ProQuest research companion

ProQuest Research Companion

Learn the fundamentals needed for research and writing and research. A tutorial product providing video instruction on the important concepts in information literacy. Grades 8+
ProQuest SIRS discover

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer

An easy-to-follow search of hand selected curriculum-aligned general reference content. Selected articles and graphics and books for social issues for early learners. Grades 3-9
ProQuest SIRS issues researcher

ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

Explore the pros and cons on today’s complex social issues. Grades 6+

Teacher Reference Center – Magazines for Teachers

Topics covered include best practices, curriculum development, literacy standards, pedagogical research, instructional media, language arts, science & mathematics, school administration, and more.

Class Visits by a Librarian

  • General library overview for students (all grades): learn about your public library, how to use it, and what amazing things are there for students and families. For younger grades, a themed storytime is included. Older grades (grade 4 and up) may include information about online resources and a Create It! Space demonstration. 30 minutes.
  • Introduction to online research (Grades 6-12): Learn how to use the library’s online resources to help with any class project or paper. Can also include information literacy lesson in evaluating online sources. 20-40 minutes.
  • Booktalk! (all grades): inspire your students to read with a fun conversation led by the librarian about the newest books for their grade or a theme/genre of the teacher’s choice. 20 minutes.


Classes of all ages can tour the Redding Library and find out what goes on behind the scenes of a public library! Tours may also include:

  • Storytime for younger students
  • Create It! Space demonstration
  • Online resources or local history research workshop (upon request)

Contact us to set up a library tour.

Student Library Card Initiative

Shasta Public Libraries is proud to partner with many school districts in Shasta County to provide their students with a unique student library card. We want all young learners to have access to our resources, both in the library and online. If you would like your students to be part of this county-wide initiative, please contact our Educational Services Librarian.