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Redding & Anderson — Friends of Shasta County Libraries
Burney — Friends of the Intermountain Libraries, Inc.

Shasta Public Libraries has a Friends group to support library activities in Burney and in Redding/ Anderson. Both Friends groups are nonprofit volunteer organizations dedicated to the support of our free public libraries. The membership believes in the importance of libraries for the enlightenment, education and well-being of the citizens.

Friends in Redding, Anderson, and Burney help the library buy books and necessary equipment, organize special events and programs, and provide newsletters which keeps the community up to date on library hours and events. Inquire at your nearest library for further information.

Shasta Library Foundation

Foundation of the Library


Shasta Library Foundation — Striving to transform Shasta County through the power of Libraries. Libraries are at the heart of community, culture, education, and democracy. The Shasta Library Foundation’s support for Shasta Public Libraries enhances high caliber programs that nurture literacy, imagination, and lifelong learning.

The Shasta Library Foundation has begun a new enterprise to raise money for Shasta Public Libraries called TreasuredBooks. They sell the more valuable books donated to the library and are asking for the donations of books valued above $12.00. Requested donations are higher-end and rare books on any topic. Especially desirable subjects have been art instruction, American history, car collection guides and repair manuals, and recent science and natural history textbooks — but all books are accepted.​ More information can be found on the Shasta Library Foundation website.

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