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Donor Panels

The Redding Library was built with generous support from the community. These two panels honor the donors who contributed money towards the new library. The left panel honors the New Library Now donors, and the right panel honors the Shasta Library Foundation donors.

They are located in the foyer of the Redding Library.

Ever the Twain Shall Meet

A beautiful life size-bronze statue of Mark Twain by Sculptor Gary Lee Price. In this piece, the sculptor says he attempts to create a narrative piece that depicts Mark Twain’s inspirational touch in bringing to life Tom Sawyer. Creating a playful connection and appreciation between the author and his characters.

This wonderful statue was donated to the Redding Library by past United States Senator Mr. Maurice Johannessen and his wife. It is located in the Redding Library on the first floor at the entrance to the Children’s Library.

The Giving Tree

Initiated as a fundraiser, the Giving Tree helped raise over $100,000 towards building the new Redding Library. Engraved on each leaf, stepping stone, and foundation stone are names and personal messages.

The tree was designed by artist Jan Scanlin, with help from artists Rayette Meredith and Jim Rohrbach, and is fabricated using glass and metal. It is located next to the inside book drop at the Redding Library

Model Ships

In the Redding Library, we have two beautiful model ships donated by Captain Peter Wright. Captain Wright completed twenty-two years in the British Merchant Navy as mate and master. In 1965, he came to the United States and eventually moved to Northern California where he wrote two biographies, both available here at the library.

He constructed the model of the U.S.S. Constitution, affectionately known as “Old Ironsides.” Launched in 1797, she is the oldest commissioned ship still afloat in the world. The U.S.S. Constitution saw action in the Quasi-War, the First Barbary War, and the War of 1812. She is currently berthed in Charlestown, MA. The original builder of the 2nd model, that of a circa-1590 Portuguese Trader is unknown, but it was reconstructed and refurbished by Peter Wright. The models are located on the second floor of the Redding Library in the Boggs Collection.

Points of Departure

Located just west of the main library entrance. The title of these 12 foot monolithic concrete sculptures, which were added to the Library grounds in 2013, refers to the small red glass tiles forming focal points in the work. It incorporates the idea that one of the functions of a library in the community is to give its users a starting point to develop their ideas, interests, plans, and dreams.

Created and installed as a donation by artists James Phillips, John Martin Streeby, and Palul Rideout, the project was supported by local businesses and agencies including: the City of Redding Community Services Department and its Art in Public Places Committee; Nichols Melburg & Rossetto, Architects, and Engineers; Lowe’s Home Improvement Store; Shasta Redi-Mix; and Redding Electric Utility.

John Martin Streeby is best known for his elegant and eye-catching jumping salmon sculpture that runs the length of the Highway 44 Sacramento Bridge Approach near the Turtle Bay off-ramp.

Palul Rideout contributed some of the ceramic elements  for the sculptures, and is a long time local resident and ceramics instructor at Shasta College.

Another monolithic sculpture, “Points of Perspective” by James Phillips, can be seen near the Shasta College Learning Resource Center.

Synergy #7

Based on the concept of one form folding into another form in a continuous sequence. The forms are folded into a variety of planes and angles, each maintaining its own structural identity as it becomes an integral part of a new entity. The 10-foot-tall abstract folded-metal piece is from artist Bill Mueller’s “Synergy Series.”

Bill Mueller grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is now residing in Colorado. He does, however, have roots in Shasta County as his mother grew up in Shasta Lake City and he still has a number of relatives in the area.

The sculpture was chosen by consensus by the Art in Public Places committee and paid for by The Friends of the Shasta County Libraries, the Citizens Library Advisory Committee, and the Art in Public Places Committee. The sculpture is just outside the front of the Redding Library.

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