Zip Books

Are you looking for a book the Library doesn’t have?

Ask Library staff about Zip Books! Funded by the California State Library, the Zip Books Program lets us provide our community with titles you want to read.

Let us introduce you to Zip Books.

With Zip Books, we can order your request and have it delivered straight to your house via Amazon at no cost to you. When you are done reading, return it to the library and we’ll put it on the shelf for everyone to enjoy.

A request for a Zip Book can be made two ways: in person at the library or over the phone. At the Redding Library, please visit the Reference or Children’s Desk or call (530) 245-7252 to make requests.

In order to make a Zip Books request…

  • Patrons must have a current library card with less than $20 in fines.
  • The cardholder must be the one to make requests.
  • Patrons must be at least 18 years old.
  • Parents/guardians can make requests on behalf of minors, with an adult card.

Zip Books Details

  • Requested items must be $50 or less pre-tax for books, $75 for audiobooks and foreign language books.
  • Titles need to have a publication date at least 6 months old (from time of request). Librarians have discretion.
  • Material is restricted to print books and audiobooks. Textbooks are not available.
  • A Zip Books order cannot be placed for a book that is already in our library collection. However, a different format of a library-owned book may be purchased, i.e. in audiobook or large type format.
  • Two Zip requests can be made at one time. When books are returned, new requests may be made. A total of five requests per month may be made.
  • When returning, please hand Zip Books to an Associate at the Customer Service Desk. Do not use the book return slot or outside book drops.
  • Zip Books that are returned damaged, or not recovered, will disqualify patrons from continuing use of the Zip Books Program.

How to use Zip Books:

  1. Make your requests by contacting Library staff.
  2. Library staff will email or call when your request is ordered and let you know when to expect the book to arrive from Amazon or notify you if it is not available. Please contact us at (530) 245-7256 if you don’t receive your book by the estimated date.
  3. When you are finished enjoying your Zip Book, return it to the Customer Service Desk during open hours at the Shasta Public Libraries branch where you made your request.
  4. Please inform staff that you are returning a Zip Book. The Zip Book must be returned in order to request an additional book. Please be sure to give the book to a staff member and tell them it is a Zip Book so that we can mark it as returned.

Zip Books is a statewide project of the California State Library. The Project is funded in whole or in part by the California Library Services Act. Zip Books is administered in California by the State Librarian.

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