Podcast Studio

Studio C

Check out Studio C, the new podcasting studio! Perfect for all your podcasting, voice acting, and audio needs. The podcasting studio comes equipped with soundproofed walls, podcasting equipment, and video and audio software.

Podcasting Equipment
  • MX 770 microphone and stand
  • MX 990 microphone and stand
  • Yamaha mixing board
  • AKAI sound pad
  • Two sets of studio headphones
  • High-definition video cameras
  • Studio lights
  • Green screen
Podcasting Software
  • Sony SoundForge Pro
  • Audacity
  • OBS
Reservation Information
  • Must have valid library account in good standing to use.
  • Must reserve 72 hours in advance.
  • Maximum 2 reservations per month.
  • Reserve Studio C on our reservations page.
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