Fine Free

Shasta Public Libraries have wiped the books on all overdue book fines! We have made using the Library even easier and encourage everyone to come in and start a new chapter at your Library.

Why did the library go fine free?

We want you to use the library without worrying about a late fine!

Research has shown that fines are not effective in getting materials returned on time. In fact, removing fines actually results in more materials being returned because worry about payment is removed.

Wiping the books and going fine free on children’s and teen materials is a great reason for people of all ages to take advantage of all the amazing services the Library offers.

Why only for children’s and teen materials?

Encouraging early reading and teaching literacy skills is an important Library service. The more children visit the library, the stronger their chances of success in school and later in life. Children often can’t control whether or not their materials are returned on time. By removing fines on children’s and teen materials, we ensure that young residents can always use the Library.


What does fine free mean?

Fine free means Shasta Public Libraries will no longer charge overdue fines on children’s and teen materials.

How does fine free work?

Fines will not be charged for books and materials checked out from the children’s or teen collection even if returned after the due date. It doesn’t matter if they’re checked out on an adult or juvenile library card. Not sure if you are checking out children’s and teen materials? Please ask a staff member!

Is everything fine free?

During the month of September 2021, all overdue book fines will be forgiven. Return any materials during September 2021 with no fines, no matter how late!

Replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged books.

Why do fines still show on my account?

All fines and fees prior to August 31, 2020 were removed. Lost and damaged fees from September 1, 2020 to September 1, 2021 are still in place. Please call (530) 245-7250 or send us message if you have any questions about your account.

Will I have fines in the future?

If you lose or damage a book, a replacement fee will be charged. Adult materials still have overdue fees. We also charge a small fee for holds that are not picked up.

Will there still be due dates?

Yes, due dates give other patrons a chance to check out materials. Materials being held by other patrons should be returned by the due date. However, if no one else has placed a hold, your items will be automatically renewed up to two times.

Patrons will continue to receive messages on upcoming or past-due dates. Library items will be considered lost four weeks after their due date.

What happens when my child’s book is overdue?

If there is a hold on the item or if it has already auto-renewed two times, the item will be considered overdue. Daily fines will not be charged, but checkout of additional items will not be available until the overdue materials are returned.

What if I check out books for my child on my library card?

Don’t worry! Overdue fines are based on the collection type, not the library card. This means that parents and caregivers can check out books for their children without having to worry about late fees. If your child checks out an adult book on their juvenile library card, fines will be charged if the book is returned late.

What happens if I forget to return a book?

Materials not returned four weeks after the due dates are considered “lost” and replacement cost will be charged.

What about digital books?

Digital books, such as eBooks and eAudiobooks, are automatically returned at the end of the borrowing period, so you don’t have to worry about fines.

What happens when I return my book to another branch?

The Anderson, Burney, and Redding Libraries are part of the same system, so you can freely check out and return items to any location.

I thought fines supported the library. How can I still help?

Fines do support the library, but the benefits of going fine free for children’s and teen materials outweigh any cons. You can still support us in several ways:


Donate directly to our Friends groups, who generously support our programs and services.

Amazon Smile

Did you know you can support the library with your Amazon purchases? Amazon Smile automatically donates a percentage of your purchases to your charity of choice. Log in to your account through smile.amazon.com and choose one of our Library groups to support. After that, all you have to do is remember to shop using the smile.amazon.com link, and Amazon will do the rest.


On the first Saturday of every month, Friends of Shasta County Libraries operate a book sale. The sale is held in the Redding Library Community Room from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. All proceeds directly support the library.

You can also visit our used bookstores: The Friends Bookstore inside the Redding Library, Books for Sale at the Anderson Library, or Friends Main Street Books in Burney (just down the street from the Burney Library).

Throughout the year, Shasta Library Foundation hosts fundraising events such as the annual Novel Affair gala. The Foundation’s latest venture, Treasured Books, sells rare and valuable books online. You can donate high-value books directly, or shop online through their catalog.

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