Guidelines for Computer and Internet Use


Redding Library workstations are available for up to two sessions per day. Maximum time per session is one hour. Branch Library workstations are available for up to one hour per day per user.

Customers will not use the library cards of others to extend their computer access.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the loss of computer privileges.

Filtered access

All access at the Shasta Public Libraries will be filtered.

Rules of conduct while using the Internet

Persons using a computer should do so in a manner that is not disturbing to other library customers. The following behaviors are examples of disruptive use that is not allowed:

  • Loud talking
  • Listening to music or other audio that can be heard by other customers. Customers wishing to listen to audio will need to supply their own headphones
  • More than one person on a computer
  • Personal effects left in aisles that could be a tripping hazard for other customers
  • Occupying more than one computer space

Customers whose actions are disruptive to others will be asked to modify their behavior. If they do not modify their behavior they will be asked to leave the library.

Prohibited uses on library computers

In addition to disruptive use, the following actions are never allowed on library computers:

  • Any illegal activities
  • Attempts to breach library networks or to change computer defaults or settings
  • Alteration to library hardware
  • Copyright violation
  • Installing unauthorized software